George and the Dragon.


George was raised in a small mountain village called Lefton. This village was high in a mountainous range set inside one of the largest mountains towering over a valley, the mountain was one of many that spanned east to west as far as the eyes could see. These mountains would only be broken up by the occasional valley. The land to the south gently falls away into green and yellow distant lands. Even the highest of highest points can not reach the end of the world. The closet valley to the village was as near as a stone throws away to Georges house, this valley deep in its length covered by a river at its base had a breadth as wide as the wind would carry. During the winter months the bare trees would follow the meandering river back and forth as if to guide the direction left and right, the summer would bring forth the green covering of new life from head to toe. The local paths around the area were long and twisted enough to walk for days, yet no one would leave the safety of the shelter, within the side of the mountain.

George was the only child in a small family who owned a farm on the outskirts of the village, his family were modest with their living and got back as they could. He grew up knowing nothing but farming, it was a small farm just big enough to feed the family and provide as much they needed. On those years that are plentiful crops would be sold or kept for those year that are lean. For many years, year after year they managed to provide food for the table and clothes on their backs. By the time George was ten he was helping around the farm, some days he cleaned out the goats, others he would feed the chickens, his favourite tasks were leading the animals from field to field, he would use his staff to lead the animals down the winding lanes between each of the fields. By the time he was sixteen although he was running the farm he looked fondly at the horizon and dreamed what would be out there.

The summer months are the most glorious, the sun shines high in the sky, the crops would be plentiful, the animals would provide food, while the crops supported the animals. Each person in the village had a job to get on with, whether the baker, the blacksmith, the shop keeper that ran the local store. Each person helping the next the village supports itself, the heart of the village stood a large church. This church, run by the pastor was used every Sunday morning, he would thank the world for being and pray for good time ahead. As the centre of the church stood a large precious stone, a brilliant blue in colour was used to look deep in the future of the village, not completely understood, but always on display this stone was the life of the village. Until one day, it was missing.

As you being George prepare for an adventure, What would you like to do next.

1) Explore the village to find out what happened, go to page 12
2) Continue with the chores of the farm, go to page 28
3) Talk to the neighbours for more information. Go to page 178

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